13,438,000That’s the number of Zoomers who own their own home. It’s more than all other age groups combined.(Source: Vividata Fall 2021)

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ZoomerU is your one-stop resource for information, ideas and inspiration about Canada’s most powerful audience, the 16.1 million people aged 45-plus.

They account for 60% of consumer spending and control 70% of the nation’s wealth. So the numbers alone should make them an automatic priority for marketers.

Yet there are still misconceptions. Not all marketers have an equally strong understanding of Zoomer attitudes and behaviours, and just how important the Zoomer-led “reinvention of aging” really is.

It’s literally blowing up and then recreating the classical marketing benchmarks, the timelines of when things are supposed to happen. Marriage, first home, first kids, peak earning years, retirement – nothing is taking place “on schedule” any more. Age group targets which made sense in the past (for example, 25-34) can’t deliver the same spending power today. Age groups that could be safely written off as fading in importance (for example, 55-64), today represent major markets in their own right.

The job of ZoomerU is to help marketers better understand this phenomenon. We offer hard data, of course – but also insights and pathways to better strategies. We’re ready and able to play an important role in your marketing program!

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