ZoomerMedia Limited
70 Jefferson Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 1Y4
(416) 363-7063

Omri Tintpulver
Chief Operating Officer
(416) 607-7713
Email: omri@zoomer.ca

Dan Hamilton
Chief Revenue Officer and General Manager, Radio Division
(416) 367-5353, ext. 401
Email: d.hamilton@zoomermedia.ca

Investor Relations
Serge Blumenfeld
Chief Financial Officer
(416) 607-7704
Email: serge@zoomer.ca

Media Inquiries
Leanne Wright
Senior Vice-President, Communications
(416) 886-6873
Email: leanne@zoomer.ca

Television Content Inquiries
Beverley Shenken
Chief Content Officer and General Manager, Television Division
(416) 216-6308
Email: beverley.shenken@zoomermedia.ca

Radio Sales
Grace Howley
VP Broadcast & Direct Sales, Asst GM, Broadcast
(647) 880-4847
Email: g.Howley@mzmedia.com

Zoomer Digital Network (ZDN) Sales
Karm Sumal
Chief Revenue Officer
(604) 512-1373
Email: karm@dailyhive.com

Multi-Platform Sales & Partnerships
Lori Fitzgerald
SVP Sales & Partnerships
(416) 607-7730
Email: l.fitzgerald@zoomermedia.ca

Production and Distribution Inquiries
John Moutsatsos-Thornton
Vice-President, Production
(416) 619-5501
Email: johnt@mztv.com