1,505,000That’s how many Zoomers were active on a social issue or community project in the past 2 years. Zoomers account for nearly 60% of all Canadians who did so.(Source: Vividata Fall 2021)

Canada’s most powerful generation believes in action – and isn’t shy about exercising its influence on public policy and community governance. By far the leading group advocating for the interests of Zoomers is CARP, a non-profit, non-partisan association with more than 300,000 members.

ZoomerMedia has formed a unique affiliation relationship with CARP. Through CARP, Zoomer gets a window on the social and political issues as they emerge. Through Zoomer, CARP gets access to a powerful suite of media channels that no other advocacy group in the country enjoys.

CARP is committed to helping Canadians thrive as they age by advocating for policies like better access to health care, enhanced retirement security, and stronger protection against age discrimination. CARP was named one of the most powerful lobby groups by the respected political newsletter, The Hill Times, and has become the “go-to” source for the media whenever they want a comment or reaction to a government policy related to aging.

CARP’s 300,000-plus members have significant buying power, and CARP has leveraged this to produce a portfolio of “members-only” benefits – discounts and value-added offers on products and services the members can use. It’s almost impossible not to earn back many times the $19.95 annual membership cost.

There is also a grassroots aspect to CARP – a network of local and regional chapters across the country, providing a venue for like-minded people to meet, share ideas and experiences, and contribute to their communities. CARP chapters also serve as valuable eyes and ears on the grounds for CARP’s advocacy efforts, identifying local and regional issues and helping CARP drive needed change.

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