1,000,000Number of ONETV households $150,000Subscribers’ average household income 4,700,000Canadians exercise regularly at home


ONETV is Canada’s only 24-hour fitness, yoga and healthy living channel. The exercise shows are designed so that viewers can do them conveniently in the comfort of their own home with ONETV’s fitness experts. There’s a huge range: gentle yoga, Hatha yoga, Kabalah yoga, Padma yoga, hot yoga, Pilates, meditation, world dance, belly dance, weight-loss and strength-building.

ONETV’s most popular shows include Anjelica’s 22-Minute Workout with champion dancer Anjelica Scannura, Healing Yoga, hosted by Deborah Devine, a certified yoga instructor who specializes in gentle, restorative yoga for real people with real problems. Pilates From The Inside Out trains your muscles and builds your core strength, Hot Body, HotYoga tackles anxiety and stress with deep relaxation classes, and Anjelica’s Dance Workout, incorporates a cardio workout with the basics of world dances like samba, flamenco and Irish step dance.

All of ONETV’s wellness and weight-loss programs offer the practical tools, advice and inspiration viewers need to achieve long-term fitness goals and mind-body balance. World’s Best Diet travels around the globe to look at local diets and rank them from the very worst to the very best, Sweat the City explores fitness, fashion and food, Bare Beauty dishes out natural beauty secrets from around the world, Yogi Cameron transforms lives through ayurvedic healing, and The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp and The Biggest Loser showcase intense fitness and nutrition routines designed by dynamic, hard-driving coaches to help participants reach a target weight in a limited time.

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