The facts and figures matter – but it’s also important to see and hear what Zoomers have to say for themselves.

That’s where Zoomer Voice comes in.

We produce custom video focus groups in which Zoomers talk frankly about the issues that matter to them. Many of our clients have been shocked – and enlightened – to encounter the attitudes and perceptions of Zoomers, and have taken these insights back to their organizations, to better inform their strategies (particularly when it comes to creative).

We have a large panel ready and willing to let you know exactly what’s on their mind. We can tailor a session to your specific product category, or to any other topic that’s relevant to the development of your marketing plans.

Click on the video to see highlights of one of our groups in action. Then contact Leanne Wright, SVP Communications ( or 416-886-6873) to discuss holding a session of your own.